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Six interns in a room named after the dead economist.
Twenty Twelve Outside Lands Inspiration

Twenty Twelve Outside Lands Inspiration

Interesting to see one of the world’s wealthiest companies producing such honest and emotional ads. With a little help from W+K.

Oh wow. 

Nike always knows how to set the mood. #Olympics2012

If you’re looking for some jams for work on this overcast day.

Local Nugs - Prelinger Library

Here’s one for both the literaries and creatives. This library was started by a humble couple, the Prelingers, and is entirely privately funded and graciously open to the public.

Their books aren’t organized by a confusing numbering system but rather sorted by topic that makes browsing feel so natural and serendipitious. Start at architecture and end up at homebuilding or fine arts. Imagine the feeling of losing yourself in a book store. 

Whats greater is that all their media is appropriation friendly and creators are encouraged to use, reuse, and draw inspiration from any of the image-heavy materials and have been made sure to be within the public domain. Theres so much great visual goodness here waiting to be found. 

Although they’re only open Wednesdays from 1-8pm its completely worth checking out (No pun intended. Actually, they don’t allow books to leave the library but encourage you to bring a digital camera or scanner) if you have the time.

301 8th Street (at Folsom), Room 215.

- Jason

Dave Cullen on Aurora

An interesting read.

2 years ago
I want a Renault now. 

I want a Renault now. 


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